The dry gorges in Elsbethen

Die Bergzerreissung vor etwa 10.000 Jahren

The term "dry gorges" already indicates that here it was not the force of water that led to the formation of the gorges and crevasses - such as in the Glasenbachklamm, which was formed by the erosive force of the Klausbach. Rather, the Trockene Klammen owe their formation to a mountain erosion of about 10,000 years ago. When the Salzach glacier had largely melted away and the Salzach valley was already populated by humans, large limestone packages slid slowly down the valley from individual slopes in the southeast of Elsbethen on their soft, clayey bedrock, tearing into meter-deep crevasses. The limestone disintegrated into a myriad of huge boulders separated by gorges.

Adventure hike through wild rocky gorges and crevasses. The dry gorges are an impressive natural spectacle, because of the rarity of the occurrence of such rocky gorges are also protected nature.

Attention: No parking facilities at the Archstein. Parking is available at the Elsbethen community center!